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Modify event details

I've added an event.
Can I change details of my event?



Email us at with your changes

If possible use your contact email address shown on your MedicaList event page. (If you use a different address we may ask you for verification.)

Most importantly, please give the MedicaList Event Code, shown in the bottom-right corner of your event page.

How long before my changes appear?

Usually the same day, and quite often within a couple of hours.

Will I get an email to confirm my changes are uploaded?


Why can't I update my page directly?

Well, we could provide that facility in one of two ways:

  1. We could put a 'Change' button on the page, but that would enable anyone to change your page. You wouldn't want that!

  2. Alternatively, we could secure your page with a password when you first input the details.

    But since the input page is quite simple, we've found that very few people want to change it later. It's easier for you not to bother about remembering yet another password!

So, just write to us with your changes. We don't mind how many changes you make.

Can I see who is looking at my page?

No. We respect privacy, as you can read in our Privacy Policy.

Can I see how many people have visited my page?

Again, no. That is not a privacy issue, rather a matter of uselessness.

Statistics would tell you how many hits were received for your page, and the average time your page was open. But statistics would not discriminate on whether the visitor was a real person, or a robot from a search engine such as Google.

And even if it was a real person, the statistics wouldn't say whether the person actually read your page and the level of interest.

However, if your event sounds appealing enough then people will attend your event, and your attendance statistics are much more important than how many people look at the page.

Check your page, and if you want to change any of the text to make it more appealing, just send us an email with your changes and we'll update your page for you. We are keen to see your event succeed!

I have another question.

Email us at We are here to help you!